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Book making: a long project

At the beginning of last school year we encountered a glitch with a driver for the copiers at work. What this led to was the copier spitting out endless pages with error code on them until the copier was interrupted and rebooted. We ended up with about three reams of waste paper that only had about 5% of the page used.
 I distributed a lot of it for re-use or as creative paper for students and kept bit of it for myself to use for making journals to give back to my faculty as gifts.

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Stories from the back seat

"I saw a giant spider eat everybody."

"Oh yeah?"
"You saw it EAT everybody, huh?"
"Then it shrank down into a tiny spider."
"But after it had eaten everyone?"
"Yes. It was a giant, magic spider that became a tiny spider."
"And you saw it eat everyone?"
"So it didn't eat everyone; it didn't eat you."
"Last week when sister's school had no power she lied and said it was a giant tree that fell on the power lines, but it wasn't. It was the giant, magic spider and he ate them."
"How do you know?"
"I saw it!"
"But how did you see it if you were at school?"
"I saw it with my magic eyes. You didn't know I have superpower magic eyes."
"No, no I didn't."
then she changed the subject as though I wouldn't have a dozen follow up questions to that.

A Simple Wish

Tonight, while putting Chuck to bed, I decided to try something different.   She has a pillow-pet that projects stars on the ceiling in her room. I told her to pick one and make a wish. I told her that I'd demonstrate, so I picked one and said "I wish for Chuck and Big Sis to grow up to be big, strong, smart, and independent women."  She was excited for her turn and said "I pick that one."  "Okay, what is your wish?"  "I wish for an otterpop!"  Ok kid. You win this round.

Meditation or mental meandering

I've been trying to meditate for a while now. Not just as in, I've been sitting here for ten minutes and can't quite get started. More like, I have been trying to be consistent about finding five to ten minutes every day to establish a routine for meditation. I don't feel as though I've been successful in gaining anything from it but I have learned a few things about myself.
 I started taking serious consideration to the practice of meditation after influences from various parts of my life happened to be mentioning it at nearly similar times.   A little over a year ago, I was reading "Time Management for System Administrators", frequently listening to "the Tim Ferriss show" podcast, and talking with a friend about us both getting older. I don't remember Tom L specifically mention mediation but he did talk about doing yoga and finding it beneficial for something to do for himself.   You practically can't escape an episode of Tim Ferriss&…

An odd Sunday

This morning it was pouring. This isn't entirely unusual for the greater Seattle area, but after a long stretch of dry days it's easy to forget the bone chill you get when soaked after getting caught in a rain whose volume is constant and feels as though it won't ever end again.
 After a productive morning of errands around the house, the two year old went up to her room to play and starts calling out "WATER! WATER!"...
 With some confusion we try to discern whether or not to respond verbally or to go see what to what she is referring. Her sister went into her room and declared that there was a drip coming from the ceiling. I ran a bucket to the room and started catching the drip that was coming through a small hole in the drywall surrounded by bubbling.
 This led to the wife and i pulling out the ladder and while she's been there before, it's the first time after almost three years of living here that i've been in the attic. She took a bucket down t…

It was over before it began

These shoes speak volumes if you knew the language.   What they are screaming to me is that my head wasn't in the right place to begin with this morning.   These are the shoes I throw on to take the dog outside. For a quick jaunt to the store. When I find that I am at work wearing dress socks and these are still on my feet, it means that I forgot to change my shoes as I left the house.  This sort of small oversight is the exact reason it can take me up to five trips to and from the car to actually leave in the morning. "Oh, I forgot my coffee... Almost forgot my lunch... Hat... Coat......where are my car keys now?"  When my morning starts like this the rest of the day follows suit and I find myself lacking organization on all fronts attempting to tackle the things that come at me.

(uncommon) Northwest Profile #26 : No Need For Mirrors Guy

Much like i declined the tow package with knowledge that it'd never get used, i'd be surprised you didn't inquire whether you could save some money when you bought your vehicle by getting an option without these little bumps of wind drag on either side of your car.