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Meditation or mental meandering

 I've been trying to meditate for a while now. Not just as in, I've been sitting here for ten minutes and can't quite get started. More like, I have been trying to be consistent about finding five to ten minutes every day to establish a routine for meditation. I don't feel as though I've been successful in gaining anything from it but I have learned a few things about myself.
 I started taking serious consideration to the practice of meditation after influences from various parts of my life happened to be mentioning it at nearly similar times. 
 A little over a year ago, I was reading "Time Management for System Administrators", frequently listening to "the Tim Ferriss show" podcast, and talking with a friend about us both getting older. I don't remember Tom L specifically mention mediation but he did talk about doing yoga and finding it beneficial for something to do for himself. 
 You practically can't escape an episode of Tim Ferriss' podcast without meditation and routines coming up, but that's kind of the point of his show. 
 And my friend was talking about using hit Fitbit and trying to get his sleep health in order. 
 Tim Ferriss and Kevin Rose on an episode of either TTFS or the Random Show each mentioned an App. One mentioned Calm and the other Headspace. Both of which effectively do the same thing and had starter programs to get you into the habit. 
 I started with Headspace and was put off by the fact that the guide in the first session said something to the effect of "okay, clear your mind." And then moved on. 
 Next, I tried Calm and in the first session, the guide essentially did the same thing and then laughed self reverentially about how one could be expected to do that right off the bat. Okay, you won me over. 
 So I continued with Calm. I kept trying to make my way through the beginners 7-day track but really hit a wall when they tried to give pointers on clearing one's mind. Also when they would say something like "breathe into your toes"... what?!? How does one do that?
 But the App had a really nice Meditation for Sleep track that I started listening to as I fell asleep. I did that every night for 100 nights. 
 Intermittently I would again try to tackle the actual meditation course. I liked the app so much I subscribed to the annual subscription for more tracks and hoped others might give insight to how to better approach breathing techniques and again, how to clear one's mind. 


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