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(uncommon) Northwest Profile #24 : Mist Setting In A Torrential Downpour Lady

We get it. You could just as easily pronounce the fact that you were born and raised in the Pacific Northwest by flying a flag stating so, atop your Subaru Baja. Those of us who are narrowly missed as you plow into an intersection with reckless abandon to the rules of right of way or understanding of an arterial, or the innocent pedestrians that you are unable to see for thirty seconds at a time might prefer that to your current modus operandi.
 Your fearless acceptance of driving blind while waiting an excruciatingly long time for your wind shield to be clear of the our greatest natural resource, our liquid sunshine, is just the pick me up the terrified passengers in your carpool need after a long exhausting day at work.
 And from the rest of us, sharing the road during these winter months when it's dark outside eighteen hours of the day and made just more so by the incessant cloud cover and precipitation, I just want to say thank you for turning what should be a boring trudge …

What does Daddy Do?

In a post by JB (manvdadhood) over at Dad's Round Table about intimacy, he started it off with a quote from a movie that has stuck with him on the subject, and I could immediately relate. I often think in movie quotes, and when ever someone asks what i do, i hear the former governor of California's voice, in a thick accent, delivering the line from 'Kindergarten Cop':
"Who is yer Daddy, and what does he do?"
 Rarely do I think of "What do you do?" as a question that is simply answered by what one does to pay the bills. It is, for me, what we do with our lives, for fun, because we love it, and for others.
 I'm a father and a technologist. A futurist, philosopher, and an artist. This still doesn't encompass all that I am and can be a mouthful (especially when I say I"m a 'technofathfuphitist') but I do define myself by all that I do and I find that it is more than merely my job.
 How do you define what makes you you?