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Wrapped around her finger

I spent the greater part of last evening crammed inside a small princess tent in the living room with our one and half year old. I sat patiently inside while she entertained herself zipping the doors closed and opening them again to run around and play peek-a-boo through the windows.
 Every time i attempted to leave to go do something else, i was dragged back and put in my place sitting hunched over in a canvas cave of pink polka dots.
 I am not too proud to admit that each time she came up and shouted "Daddy!" in indignation that i should think i could get away from her and grabbed my finger, my heart melted a little as her tiny hand led me away.
 I love those moments and others like them an wouldn't trade it for a single thing in the world.

 [The view reminded me of the #followmeto pictures from @muradosmann and @yourleo on instagram.]