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Meditation or mental meandering

I've been trying to meditate for a while now. Not just as in, I've been sitting here for ten minutes and can't quite get started. More like, I have been trying to be consistent about finding five to ten minutes every day to establish a routine for meditation. I don't feel as though I've been successful in gaining anything from it but I have learned a few things about myself.
 I started taking serious consideration to the practice of meditation after influences from various parts of my life happened to be mentioning it at nearly similar times.   A little over a year ago, I was reading "Time Management for System Administrators", frequently listening to "the Tim Ferriss show" podcast, and talking with a friend about us both getting older. I don't remember Tom L specifically mention mediation but he did talk about doing yoga and finding it beneficial for something to do for himself.   You practically can't escape an episode of Tim Ferriss&…